What A Woman Wants

“The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is “What does a woman want?”- Sigmund Freud

Poor Sigmund.  All he had to do was ask her, often.  I’ve instructed my husband that after 25 years together he may want to ask me daily.  Because things have a way of changing.

Men, at least the ones that I know, are perfectly content with things being precisely the way they have always been.  Change for the sake of change can result in shock.  My husband prefers to know that we keep the keys HERE and the peanut butter THERE. In the early days of our marriage he once was upset for an entire evening because I decided I would rather have pasta instead of pizza for dinner.  “I was looking forward to that pizza!” he said. I may be generalizing, but most women I know change all the time; from cities of residence to careers. The realtor and fashion industries have made trillions of dollars on this fact.

I think women change their wants based on a  combination of survival, instinct and presentation of opportunity. Therefore, things I wanted yesterday no longer look so great. I used to want to work in a high-rise in NYC, own my own design firm, ride in a limo everyday and have super-long legs.  Now I want to have one of my boys remember to let out the dog before he pees on the carpet. I have actually prayed for this.

In addition, today’s list of wants includes:  maintaining a thriving business while stretching myself creatively, providing a welcoming home where there are always good things to eat, setting a strong example of decency for our children to follow, keeping in close touch with my friends and remembering to put on nighttime face cream.

For the record, super-long legs and a limo ride every couple of years wouldn’t hurt either.

That’s all for today, ask me again tomorrow.